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Power Distribution

Primary & secondary distribution products and solutions up to 36kV.

We offer a wide range of power distribution products including;

  • Compact substations & mobile substations
  • MV & LV metering units
  • Instrument transformers
  • Vacuum and air insulated switchgear; Outdoor & indoor
  • Feeder panels including feeder protection panels
  • Auto recloser and load break switches up to 36kV
  • RTUs and SCADA equipment & components
  • Test and measurement equipment

more power distribution products;

  • Line hardware including Post insulators, Suspension insulators, Stay insulators & Shackle insulators
  • Medium & low voltage conductor accessories including termination & jointing kits, connector lugs
  • Disconnectors single & three phase type
  • Earthing rods and earthing compounds
  • Instrumentation components including control relays & transducers
  • Surge arresters, drop out fuses & Combi units for distribution transformer protection
  • Fuse cutouts, fuses and circuit breakers
  • Battery chargers & battery banks
  • Smart grid products
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Transformer oil
  • Feeder transformers 11& 33kV both oil cooled and dry type
  • Digital substation components
  • Line maintenance tools & equipment 
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