Power Generation

East Africa's energy mix comprises a variety of energy resources such as hydro, geothermal, thermal, solar, and wind. Hydro and geothermal form the dominant sources of electricity in the region. Well-maintained generation plants are the key to ensuring peak performance and maximum return on investment (ROI).

Unlocking generation potential

By providing expertise in all stages of power generation from our partners, world-leading OEMs, we guarantee reliable operations to ensure our clients get value for money. Our solutions include;

  • Generator oil coolers
  • Generator numerical protection relays
  • Transformers & transformer monitoring solutions
  • Outdoor & indoor circuit breakers
  • Battery banks - NiCd, Lead acid for control and signalling
  • Rectifier - chargers - UPS
  • Protection and control switchgear panels
  • Generator test and measurement equipment
  • SCADA components
  • Metering solutions
  • Cables, busbars and accessories
  • Generating unit spares & consumables
  • Tools & equipment for generation field activities
  • Instrumentation spares
  • Containerized substations, E-houses & control rooms
switchgear panel room

We speak energy and more

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