transmission substation

Power Transmission

We offer high-quality and robust technologies designed to withstand the most extreme operating conditions in the region. Our transmission products range extends up to 400kV.

Transmission line products and solutions;

  • High voltage switchgear and circuit breakers; Vacuum & Gas insulated circuit breakers
  • Power transformers, Instrument transformers¬†
  • Transformer oil and transformer components
  • Transmission towers & line hardware
  • Insulators, surge arresters
  • Capacitors and filters
  • Disconnectors
  • OPGW conductors and accessories
  • Substation clamps & connectors

Substation products and equipment

  • Substation automation &¬†smart grid components (Digital substations)
  • Intelligent electronic devices - IEDs (including numerical protection relays)
  • DC signalling and control battery banks; NiCd, Lead acid battery technologies
  • Rectifiers - chargers & UPS
  • Power line carrier communication (PLCC) components
  • Test & measurement equipment

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