workers on a transmission line

Who we are

We are a born and bred African company whose interests lie solely in doing business in Africa. Our clients are within the East African region; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. We are an electrical engineering business, sourcing products from renowned equipment manufacturers all over the world. Established in 2012, focusing on sustainable power, energy, and automation solutions. Our product and services portfolio has grown over recent years, adapting to technological advances in the industry.


We believe greater system availability is essential for our client’s businesses to grow. A commitment to providing our customers with innovative products and solutions guides our daily activities. Our clients are the heart of what we do at Electechnique. Sustainability, resiliency, efficiency, and availability are intrinsic to our solutions.


Electechnique is passionately committed to increasing product quality and productivity while reducing costs by providing our respected customers with cutting-edge, high value systems that allow them to brilliantly serve their clients needs. Our five year goal is to improve the lives of millions of people and make a significant and lasting impact in the Business and Manufacturing industry.

Projects worked on