Aviation Solutions


Ground Power Units (GPU) power the electrical system of an aircraft while it’s on the ground. This protects sensitive avionics and control systems within the aircraft. 

Ground power units usually comprise a generator powered by a diesel engine but can be of other configurations, such as battery-powered units that feature; 

  • Zero Emissions, 

  • Silent operations

  • Almost no maintenance. 

The eGPUs are available with one or two outlets delivering clean 400Hz power suitable for narrow and wide-body aircrafts as well as business jets.


Accurate and timely radio communications are essential to air safety and efficient air traffic management. The radar equipment contains electronics sensitive to voltage fluctuations, which demand the use of voltage regulators and stabilizers.

We offer power quality and power backup solutions for aviation, which include:

  • Stand-alone photovoltaic systems (micro & mini-grids)
  • Automatic voltage regulators (AVR) and un-interruptible systems (UPS) for radar stations

Telecommunication Solutions


Telecom networks require reliable power backup solutions that can operate for hours or even days when the power grid fails because of severe weather, natural disasters, or poor grid quality.

At Electechnique, we provide robust solutions for base stations that are not only inexpensive and durable but also good for the environment, which include:

  • Batteries - Valve regulated Lead-acid 
  • Rectifiers / Battery chargers
  • Hybrid Solar systems

All suited for the most extreme East African climatic conditions.

Battery banks

Clean & reliable power when you need it